Pinstashop, based in Saar, Bahrain, is a thriving online business run through Instagram. Due to the growth of the business ordering through the messaging feature on Instagram had become inefficient. The complexity of ordering customized labels required a more standardized e-commerce experience. The scope of this project was to conduct a competitive analysis and design the UI for an e-commerce site to help Pinstashop simplify their ordering process. The project also involved an update to the branding and logo to represent a new phase in the business. 

Role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: 3 months



The primary goal was to improve the user experience around customizing and ordering labels.



Pinstashop launched in 2017 and quickly found a following in Saar, Bahrain. Pinstashop's primary product is high quality and durable vinyl labels for kids school supplies such as lunchboxes and drink bottles. Pinstashop also produces large vinyl decals, customized crafts and cake pops, in other words: Pinterest boards made real.


Research: competitIve analysis

To better understand the label market, Pinstashop’s primary product, and ensure the design meets user needs I carried out a competitive analysis. I compared the main feature of the three closest competitors to Pinstashop.


Research Insights

The research produced the following key insights:

  1. The label market is highly competitive.

  2. The sites are sophisticated and offer a high level of service.

  3. All sites offer customization and preview as you go.

  4. All sites offer more than just labels.


The primary Pinstashop customers are Mothers. I created two personas to reflect that there are different types of mother who have different lifestyles, but ultimately the same need for labels for their children's products.


Customer Journey

The focus of this project is the ordering process of the primary product which is vinyl labels. Most of Pinstashop's customer's are mother's who want the best for their children. They value the design opinion of Pinstashop's founder and want to consult with her on every aspect of the label's design. 

This leads to an ordering process that is fragmented and inefficient for both the user and Pinstashop.


Current user flow

It consists for four main stages: 

  1. Customer looks at Pinstashop Instagram and sees a product they like.

  2. Customers contacts Pinstashop through Instagram to place an order

  3. Pinstashop redirects customer to WhatsApp for ordering conversation.

  4. Customer and Pinstashop chat on WhatsApp about all design details until customer is satisfied.

  Pain Points

  1. The back and forth conversation over the design

  2. Inability to preview design



Although Pinstashop was born on Instagram, the business and volume has expanded such that a more standardized e-commerce experience is required. The following features are required:

1. Online ordering through a web platform, such as Shopify, rather than through multiple channels (e.g. Instagram, Whatsapp)

2. Users need to be able to preview their design as they go and be able to customize every part of the design.

3. Streamlined contact options are required for customer service.

These features will allow the users to have have full control over their design and be able to preview without contacting Pinstashop multiple times. 



I sketched out a sitemap and various screens to get an idea of how everything would function.  I have included a selection here:


A few initial sketches

A few initial sketches



This project focuses on the ordering of labels through the new Pinstashop website so I created wireframes primarily for the flow of ordering labels (though the Cart and Checkout screens could be used for other products). The Homepage and Label Ordering pages are featured below.



Label Ordering Page

Label Ordering Page


Brand Identity

A new logo and style guide were created, along with webpage. The existing logo didn't reflect enough the bright, bold and fun nature of the brand, rather it featured a description and focused on driving traffic to the Instagram account.

I wanted to create a logo to complement the expansion of the brand and its product offering. I brought in the element of handwriting, instead of an existing font, to reflect the handcrafted nature of the products. The visual design principals for the brand were: bright, fun and simple

Existing Logo

Existing Logo

New logo

New logo


Visual Design- desktop & mobile 

The visual design follows the design principles of the logo: bright, fun and simple. Most of Pinstashop's products are for kids, but I wanted to keep the design simple and also appealing to the adults, mostly mothers, who may also be ordering something for themselves or as gifts.



Label Ordering

Label Ordering




Reflection & Next Steps

The takeaway from this project was understanding how to take a complicated ordering process that has multiple steps and keep it as simple as possible for the user. Also, I wanted to keep the visual design minimal to reduce the mental load that exists with all the choices for customization. As the business continues to expand more options for customization will be available and I will update the design to reflect that. For now, the next steps would be to create an interactive prototype and carry out a first round of user testing for feedback.